Inexperienced civil engineering beginners are welcome We will firmly evaluate according to your motivation

If you are considering a job in Chiba, please contact us.


If you are interested in civil engineering work that is closely related to the lives of local people and contributes to society, such as towing and towing, please do not hesitate to contact us as we are recruiting field staff as regular employees. Our business responsibilities include building a new wooden frame, working on a newly built subdivision, and framing.

A company that makes use of the skills and experience that each craftsman has cultivated, while working as a team so that colleagues in the field can work better together. Regardless of inexperienced or beginners, senior staff will carefully guide you, so please apply regardless of educational background or experience.

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    If you are looking for civil engineering-related work, such as towing or carpentry, we have provided job postings so please take a look.
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    The blog provides information about the company, such as current status and service introductions, so please see the applicants before contacting us.
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    The formwork that is important in constructing the building and the image of the person who is looking for a full-time on-site staff of a full-time carpenter who works as a wood carpenter in a newly built subdivision are described.
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    If you have any questions or concerns, we will answer them carefully. Please refer to the frequently asked questions and feel free to contact us.

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company name Kato Corporation
Street address 969-125 Mitsubori, Noda City, Chiba Prefecture
phone number 090-4962-1772
business hours 7:00-17:00
Regular holiday Irregular holidays


An overview of Kato Corporation, a contractor currently operating in Chiba, is available. Please take a look at it when considering applying for a job. Each and every staff member works in a good environment while performing teamwork to create a more livable environment and to contribute to society.
We welcome field staff who can work as full-time employees with an emphasis on motivation and personality. If you have enthusiasm and responsibility for civil engineering and wood carpenters, please contact us regardless of educational background and experience.
About us

Civil and concrete works that make a significant contribution to society

We look forward to those who have enthusiasm for civil engineering and carpentry

Kato Corporation, a contractor that is recruiting in Chiba, is engaged in various tasks such as concrete work, various civil works, and construction of new construction lots. While giving top priority to the customer, we are taking care of creating a workplace environment so that the staff themselves can send a fulfilling day with pride and a sense of responsibility for their work. If you would like to work at, please apply. Senior staff members are carefully instructed so that they can cultivate their experience and skills even after joining the company, so even beginners who are new to the industry are welcome.

In order to ensure safe and secure construction, we are working to create an environment where each and every staff member can work in a concentrated manner, enhance company housing, dormitories and housing allowances, and provide benefits such as transportation expenses. We look forward to working with a passion and aspirations regardless of experience or educational background so that the team can work together to provide higher quality services. If you are interested in civil engineering and construction work that supports your life, please contact us.

Inexperienced people and beginners will also recruit with emphasis on motivation and personality

Kato Corporation, based in Chiba as a contractor, is currently recruiting field staff as full-time employees. We are looking for staff who are actually involved in various tasks such as concrete construction and civil engineering work regardless of experience and educational background, so please do not hesitate to those who are confident in physical strength or who like to move their bodies Please apply. Even inexperienced and beginners, senior staff will carefully guide the necessary process knowledge and skills so that they can work together as a skilled craftsman.

We have a wide range of tasks, so we especially welcome those who have the aggressiveness, the ability to execute, and the flexibility to do the job. In addition, we are working to create an environment where it is easy for each staff member to work in the workplace by enriching welfare programs and making it easy for employees to cooperate with each other. We are looking forward to mass recruitment of a wide range of human resources of more than 10 people, so if you are considering employment or changing jobs to civil engineering and construction work that will make a great contribution to society locally, please contact us by all means once Please consult with us about actual working conditions and treatment.


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